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Hard Core

Den Harde Kjerne

Hard Core- Den Harde Kjerne
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Cuz We Don't Like Apples!

Hello. This community is for people who for one reason or another don't eat Apples.
Mainly Apples. If you wonder whether or not your non-eating of another fruit might qualify you to be a member just ask us. We'll let you know. When we feel for it. We have a couple of good reason for not eating apples:

- No breathing problems

- No serious stomachache

- No ugly rash

- No moral problems (garden of Eden etc), God likes us

- The fact that it reduces the risk of getting cancer is probably just codswallop, for all we know eating apples increases the risk of getting cancer

- What happened to Snow White when she ate apples? Are you certain that you don't have an evil murderous step-mother?

- The Bad Guy in Pirates of the Carribbean, he wanted to eat apples. He died. Coincidence? I think not.