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Trying to bring the community back to life [Nov. 30th, 2006|11:05 am]
Hard Core- Den Harde Kjerne

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Just thought I should mention that i don't think apple tobacco for hookas should count. Cause apricot flavour sucks.
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misc. [Feb. 11th, 2006|11:24 am]
Hard Core- Den Harde Kjerne

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you can see on the info site now, that I've made pictures. Not very original, but it's pics nonetheless. I drank apple flavoured tea today. I feel bad. But I also feel that apple flavour doesn't count because I'm not allergic to it. That means that it's not really apple, right?
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Uninventive first post. I will get better. [Feb. 10th, 2006|03:59 pm]
Hard Core- Den Harde Kjerne

Apples are for loosers. Everyone knows that apples gives you green spots on cheeks and nose. D'oh

Nah. Eat uh... square roots instead.
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*blinkblink* [Feb. 10th, 2006|11:11 am]
Hard Core- Den Harde Kjerne

I joined your anti-apple group, Marthe... as you can see..

- What happened to Snow White when she ate apples? Are you certain that you don't have an evil murderous step-mother?

Well... no, I'm not so sure I don't... *looks around nervously*

- The Bad Guy in Pirates of the Carribbean, he wanted to eat apples. He died. Coincidence? I think not.

*wide eyes* Oh nos!! I dun wanna be a scary zombie pirate!! I'd much prefer being the normal kind..

I'd also like to submit to the committee my reason for being 'anti-apple'... they make my teeth hurt something awful when I bite them, the fuckers. >__
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(no subject) [Feb. 10th, 2006|03:47 pm]
Hard Core- Den Harde Kjerne

Hello. This is exiting. Let's hope it'll be a great community. Join in!
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